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End Dumps

Cornerstone Transport has a full service fleet of end dumps ready to serve our clients. Our fleet features:

  • Specialized end dumps for hauling stabilized cuttings.
  • Tridem quarter frame trailers with sealed and locked end gates.
  • Every unit securely tarped.
  • Teflon liners to prevent material being hauled from sticking and freezing during transport.
  • High-lift end gates to ensure the free flow of material while dumping.

Our end dumps provide peace of mind when hauling in all weather and road conditions. We have significant experience end dump hauling for construction, energy, rail and environmental in tough Alberta conditions.

Cornerstone Transport Edson Hinton Fox Creek Drayton Valley End Dump Trucking Hauling Hoe Oilfield Reclamation Energy Environmental Services

Tank Trailers

Our 407 coded trailers can help you with your production, fresh water, and flowback needs.

Sawdust & Peat Moss

Cornerstone’s walking floor trailers are capable of delivering bulk materials anywhere – whether your site is in town or deep in the bush. We are able to both supply and deliver sawdust, peat moss and DryX pellets.

Cornerstone Transport Sealed Lid End Dump Drilling Rig Cuttings Invert Edson Fox Creek Drayton Valley Hinton Trucking Hauling Oilfield Environmental Construction

Walking Floor Trailers

While Cornerstone is able to supply sawdust, peat moss and DryX pellets, we are also able to provide walking floor transportation for clients with their own material to move.

Cornerstone Transport Edson Hinton Fox Creek Drayton Valley Sealed Lid End Dump Trucking Hauling Hoe Oilfield Reclamation Energy Environmental Services Sawdust Peat Moss DryX Walking Floor Trailer

DryX Pellets

As an authorized supplier of DryX Pellets, Cornerstone Transport is able to offer our drilling clients a proven alternative to sawdust at competitive rates. DryX is made from clean fibre (no bark, slag or hog fuel) to maximize its swell and rehydration potential. A single 28 tonne load of DryX is the equivalent of 3 walking floor loads of sawdust or wood shavings – especially helpful on sites with limited space or access issues. Click here to download a DryX flyer.

Cornerstone Transport DryX Waste Stabilizer Sawdust Alternative Edson Hinton Drayton Valley Fox Creek

Belly Dump Trailers

Cornerstone has tridem belly dumps equipped to assist in gravel hauls. Our belly dump trailers have been utilized on a wide range of energy and construction projects, including road building, yard development and lease coverage.

Cornerstone Transport Belly Dump Gravel Sand Hauling Trucking Edson Drayton Valley Hinton Fox Creek Construction