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A safe work culture is essential to the suc­cess of Cornerstone Transport Ltd. Our primary concern is the health and safety of everyone connected to our operations, including our employees, our clients, the general public and the environment.  Cornerstone is proud to participate in industry leading safety programs such as Comply­Works, ISN and COR as part of our overall health and safety management program. A safe work environment enhances the quality of our employee’s lifestyle and gives them personal satisfaction in their work.

As a company, we strive to stay on top of industry best practices and incorporate those both into our corporate HSE program and into our day-to-day operations. Our clients have high expectations of us, but we have higher expectations yet of ourselves – safety is our first priority.  – Don DeLeeuw, Operations Manager

The success of our health and safety program depends upon the cooperation and participation of all. Everyone is responsible for health and safety. By making safety a way of life, we will assure the success of our program and maintain a healthy and safe work environment. We will provide proper training and orientation to those who are involved in our operations to ensure a complete compliance to our health and safety program.

Safety is integrated into every job we do. Our managers, dispatchers, field supervisors, drivers and operators all buy into the fact that safety is the foundation of every one of our jobs.  – David Uden, Dispatch & Sales